Sea Glass Jewelry And Grandkids

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There's just something about a Nana.  And a Mimi.  And a Memaw.  These ladies are some of my favorite customers.  I love hearing stories about my customers' lives and families, and grandmothers have some of the best stories of all.  

Recently, a Nana asked me if I could engrave all of her grandchildren's names on a piece of sea glass.  Since she was currently expecting her 12th grandchild, I came up with an alternative design for her.  She had 12 grandchildren from four children, so I engraved four bunches of flowers around her name, each flower representing a grandchild, and a little bud representing Number Twelve.  I got a great big Nana hug for that.  

Spend time with the older people in your family.  They want nothing more than to be needed by the ones they love.  Grandparents have a lot of knowledge from years of experience, and they want nothing more than to pass it on to you.  Their love is your most precious gift, and your time is theirs.  


 - Jenn


P.S.  The beautiful lady in the photo above is my mother, Marilyn.  She likes to help sort beads at my store. 

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