Mimsey Days


Mimsey on Christmas Day, 2017

     So by now, many of you have heard that my mother (we call her Mimsey) has moved in with us.  I have always been very close to my mother, so I was excited to have her living with us so that I could see her every day.  Now, being a bit of a naive optimist at times...I thought being a full time caregiver would be a snap for me.  I thought, well I can just bring her to the store with me every day.  I mean, I'm fairly organized.  I run a business and our family household, and I have always enjoyed hanging out with older folks. One sweet little old lady shouldn't be that hard to take care of, right?

     Y'all...I had no idea.

     Since Mimsey is 82 years old with a host of ailments (leukemia, dementia, hydrocephalus,etc), she is a two hand assist.  Which means she needs help with everything.  She can't prepare meals, take her pills, falls even with a walker, and can never ever ever be left alone in the house.  And my hopes of bringing her to the store with me every day?  Yeah, not gonna happen.  Maybe every once in a while this summer when the weather is warm, but certainly not in ice and snow.  It seems that the Mimsey is quite content sorting beads, eating candy, and watching HGTV in her nice warm bedroom, thank you very much. 

     Which brings us to Jentegrity Jewelry.  Our store at 150 Timber Creek Drive has been closed since December 15th, the day Mimsey moved in.  It has taken all this time to find competent, loving, honest caregivers to stay with my mother so that I can open the store.  I deeply, deeply apologize for having to temporarily close the store, but I think most people would agree that family comes first.  But now that we seem to be getting things under control, I plan to reopen the store by March 10 at the latest.  

     So I hope to see you guys there.  And you never know...some warm day this spring, you just might walk into Jentegrity and find a sweet little old lady there sorting beads, eating candy, and watching HGTV.   

Love to all,

 - Jenn 


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